The model Mutz re-discovers traditional Swiss Bernaise men costumes. By now the model is available in a wide range of patterns and colorations.
The original version comes with Edelweiss-stakes. Additional stakes can be requested.

Our FunRun range provides a very ergonomical harness, which allows unimpaired movement as it doesn't constrict the shoulderroom. The harness follows the shape of the body and avoids pressure marks - while still maintaining minimal sliding.
In the area of the sternum the harness is extra soft and hence adapts to the shape of the dogs chest.
By providing a long cut the elbow area is kept free and chafe marks are avoided.

When manufacturing the harness we use a single piece of fabric, with only a single fissure at the top. This ensures maximum accuracy for the fitting and provides optimal material strength.

Other benefits are:

  • Load removal on the cervical spine (recommended to avoid spine injuries)
  • Some shy dogs benefit from a boost of confidence since the harness allows a very free, unstressed movement.
  • Works perfectly for running or bicyceling
  • The handle on the back allows a quick and safe grab of the dog without the leash
  • The harness provides two loops to attach the leash. The back loop for normal use and the front loop if the dog has to follow closely. For even more control connect the leash to both loops.
  • The harness comes with two extra strong strap belt clips at the top and allow a fast and easy putting on and taking off.

The harness is very durable and is recommended by Vets and Chiropractors.

Machine washable at 30° C.

Swiss made!