Muzzle Pro

  • coated polyester mesh
  • very resistant, strong, dimensionally stable and light
  • suitable as biteblock because of the reinforced edges
  • the eyes are free due to the special fitting
  • panting and drinking is possible but prevents eating food from the ground (e.g. poisoned baits) mounting (2.) with snap locks around the head or (1.) on the collar
  • handwash only

Custom fittings possible -> Create proper measurements for a muzzle

In Countries like New Zealand where pests are controlled by airdropping poisoned 1080 pellets this muzzle is invaluable if you and your dog go to affected regions (check your region).
The muzzle prevents the dog from eating the 1080 pellets and / or animals killed by the posion - more information about 1080 and dogs:
Important to keep in mind:

  1. Most reported dog deaths occur after eating poisoned carcasses, not bait.
  2. 1080 poison can be found where it might not be expected.
    1. 1080 can persist in possum carcasses until all the fleshy parts and entrails are fully decomposed.
      This can take from three to sixmonths and longer in cold and/or dry conditions.
    2. Poisoned possums may travel away from and die outside thepoison zone

Size table

Please check out guide: Create proper measurements for a muzzle

Custom fittings possible

Size Snout girth A Snout length
5XS 18cm 4cm 5cm 6cm
4XS 20cm 5cm 6cm 7cm
3XS 22cm 6cm 7cm 8cm
XXS 25cm 7cm 8cm 9cm
XS 28cm 8cm 9cm 10cm
S 31cm 9cm 10cm 11cm
M 34cm 10cm 11cm 12cm
L 37cm 11cm 12cm 13cm
XL 40cm 12cm 13cm 14cm
XXL 43cm 12cm 13cm 14cm
St. Bernard
Boxer, Pug, Bully
4XS 20cm 4,5cm
3XS 22cm 5cm
XXS 25cm 5cm
XS 28cm 6cm
S 31cm 7cm
M 34cm 8cm